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Our Funds

Our company runs several funds which target long-term investment growth in future markets which are undergoing significant economic transformation. We have a deep research approach to invest in good value securities with strong fundamentals. Quam funds seek future growth prospects and operate in volatile but growing environments so we may use judicious stock and market proxy hedging to deliver a more absolute return. Our mantra is to invest conservatively in choppy markets and to let the portfolio do the work.

Quam China Focus Fund

The Quam China Focus SP looks for long term absolute return and outperforms the HSCEI. The investment approach is to combine the Private Equity style due diligence and Hedge Fund strategy to seek for “down-side protection” and “alpha return” in Greater China region. The “down-side protection” is achieved through our stringent, in-depth due diligence by our professional and experienced investment team. “Alpha return” is generated from special events, such as, M&A, Topping Bid, Spin-off, Hidden Jewel, Asset Play, Turnaround, Relative Value, High Yield, etc. We believe discipline is the key control of the whole investment process and we only invest in those we understand.

Quam Mongolia Fund

The Quam Mongolia SP invests into the fastest growing economy in Asia for much of the next decade. The transformation of Mongolia has been driven by the imminent exploitation of huge, high-quality coal and copper deposits discovered near the demand centres of China, Korea and Japan. Mongolia's growth may be represented by Norway or Qatar with a small population benefiting from global-sized resource deposits. The country has a democratic parliamentary government and a strong freely-traded currency. It has a free press and an open internet. The overwhelming majority of the stock market investments exposed to Mongolia are listed in foreign markets, which provides us with an investment base of companies with strong accounting and good visibility.

Quam Middle East Fund

The Quam Middle East SP is sub-advised by ADIC - the Abu Dhabi Sovereign Wealth Fund. ADIC has a similar research based, high growth, low valuation philosophy to QAM but they are uniquely embedded in the Middle East. The fund can invest in all of the GCC countries, including Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Oman and the UAE, and for diversification has some exposure to Egypt, Iraq and Turkey. It thus provides excellent access to the core oil producing countries of the world, while using our local knowledge to avoid the extreme elements of the region. Strong economic growth, spurred by government spending, underpins a market region that is the cheapest in the world working together with ever improving management and corporate governance.

Quam Global Alpha Fund

The Quam Global Alpha SP is a Fund of Fund aiming to invest in top notch American and European Hedge Fund Managers who follow a Credit or Event Driven strategy. Our due diligence process combines both a top down approach with the identification of macro-economic trend and monitoring of the world’s economy and a bottom up approach when it comes to identifying specific fund. We strive to invest into experienced fund managers that are proven to be successful in generating alpha over extended periods of time in both bear and bull markets. Our size allows us to access managers that are out of reach from most investors. We aim at generating positive return with low volatility.


The Quam-PWAM BRIC EDCA SP is sub-advised by PWAM - the Protected Wealth Asset Management Ltd. PWAM focuses on developing systematic strategy in mutual fund and ETF universe. The fund is aiming to preserve capital and to seek long term consistent growth by investing primarily in a diversified basket of mutual funds, ETFs, index funds or other vehicles that provide direct or indirect exposure on global fixed income market and BRIC (Brazil, Russia, India and China) equity markets through EDCA (Enhanced Dollar Cost Averaging) program, this is a systematic and quantitative program without irrational human factors.

Quam-PWAM High Yield CLPR Fund

The Quam-PWAM High Yield CLPR SP, also sub-advised by PWAM, looks for long term absolute return with strictly risk control by CLPR strategy. It primarily invest in a diversified basket of mutual funds, ETFs, index funds or other vehicles that provide direct or indirect exposure on global high yield bond and government bond market. As investors continue to search for yield in this low interest rate environment, high yield bond funds are certainly alluring. Under the combination of high yield bond and sovereign bond, CLPR (Cut Loss, Profit Runs) strategy outlined in trend following style will dynamically adjust the position based on market condition in order to capture profit as time goes by.